SangSaeng Academy


* Work at dmp

This project is to design an institute for Samsung Electronics. The program includes auditorium & classrooms for education, office, restaurant, fitness center and residence.
These diverse functions are cleared zoned by story accoding to the fuction and they are connected to each other through atrium in the heart of the building.
Each programs are plug into the main body like the composition of the main-board of the electronic devices and all the functions work systemetically.
The parking lot is designed using the difference of the level of the site and the roof garden is designed for the users of the residence.
The builidng locates at the entrace of the Samsung digital city and it will fuction as a symbol of the innovation and cooperation of the company.

Location : Suwon, South Korea
Site area : 78,600m²
Building area : 4,398m²
Total floor area : 5,857 m²
Number of floors : 7F, -2F
Structure : Steel structure, Reinforced concrete
Material : Aluminum pannel & sheet, Ceramic tile, Glass
Position : Project Manager
Business in charge : planning, management