Chanchun charter premium outlet

장춘 프리미엄 아웃렛

* Work at dmp

This is a commercial project in changhun, China.
The site locates not far away from the center of the city, near chungwalldang, one of the biggest traditional garden in China.
We should design a huge commercical complex around 300,000m², under 2stories which includes luxurious mall, multiplex cinema, restaurants and etc.
The charater of the mall is a long hall way with shops at both sides and it nomally ends at the opposite side from the starting point, so that you should come all the way back. To avoid this, we designed the ciriculating hall way with no cut-off between floors and it satisfies the clients desire to make people keep going and shopping. This circulating ramp idea creates interesting volume itself and it gives the unique charactor to the builing.

Location : Changchun, China
Site area : 195,356m²
Building area : 67,697m²
Total floor area : 307,055 m²
Number of floors : 2 floors above ground, 1 floor underground
Structure : Reinforced concrete structure
Material : perforated pannel, glass
Position : Project Designer
Business in charge : planning, management