Garden of Four Seasons

This is an outdoor space design project of Youth Flatform building in Seoul Innovation Park.
The site is the only courtyard among a number of buildings in this complex. The space has special value as a courtyard, which is outdoor space but felt like indoor space.
In spite of it’s inherent value the space was totally abandoned and it was in a miserable condition.
The deck was planned around the building and we design the long table and benches for gathering.
Considering it will be located in outside, we used steel frame and hardwood as a material of the furniture The frame is made of steel plate which meets 45 degree, so it seems like vanished at a certain point of view. We applied hard wood,
IPE for the top without stain, so it obtained natural beauty and the color will be chained into as time goes by.
The building has 4 doors facing the courtyard, so we gave names to each door, spring, summer, fall and winter with poem-like phrases next to them.
So finally the space obtained a character as a garden of 4 seasons and it will be used for veriety of activities like performance, lecture, meeting and etc.

Location                    : Seoul, South Korea
Working date            : May 2016 - September 2016
Floor area                 : 275.40m²
Material                    : steel plate, hardwood (IPE), eco paint, sheet
Position                    : Project Manager
Business in charge  : design, supervision