Community child care center ‘DDATTI’

This is an remodeling project in YangYang, Gangwon Province. The building was an warehouse of Naksan Welfare Foundation. As a pubilic project of goverment, we converted the worn warehouse aged 25 years into the community child care center for Youth.
Because of the limited budge we had to select the crucial value first and concentrate on it.
Through the 4 workshops with children and staffs of the center, we decided to design a book cafe in the heart of the building and added program rooms, and kitchen for sub roles.
We tried to design the building like home because the main users are the children from low-income families and most of them do not have proper home-like space.

To creat home like atmosphere we desinged several small spaces where  children can hide themselves like an attic in the program room, house shaped sitting space in front of the window and tiny rooms at the platform.
Books and signs are carefully selected and designed to touch children’s sense and creativity.

Location                    : Yangyang, South Korea
Working date            : November 2015 - March 2016
Floor area                : 134.55m²
Material                    : brick, birch plywood,
Position                    : Project Manager
Business in charge  : planning, supervision

photo by Yusub Song, Wonjong Woo