CheonAn Top Dental Clinic

This is an interior project of a dental clinic in CheonAn.
It it located on the 3rd floor of the building which was built in 1996. The space is not big enough, so designed the lobby with an angle which makes the space more deep and active. Also put a glass wall between the lobby and the treatment room to let the space can be extended visually and psychologically.
Applied white for a main color to give clean and bright feature as a clinic and chose green for a point color which makes people more relaxed.
In the treatment room, planned 6 chairs along the window and put an island type sink in the center to use the limited space more effectively.

Location                   : CheonAn, South Korea
Working date           : September 2014 - March 2015
Floor area                : 134.55m²
Material                    : Marble, Stone, Wooden panner, Wall paper
Position                    : Project Manager
Business in charge  : planning, management