Joanri Weekend House

조안리 주택

*Work at Josungyoung Architects Office

This is a weekend house for a family of five members. The clients are interested in Korean traditional culture and admire the nature there. Especially they wanted the house to become humble but very qualified.
The site is located in Kyongki Province and it is near the river and surrounded by a forest. Intended not to destroy the existing nature but to bring the beautiful landscape into the house.
The house is composed with four separated masses creating diverse open space among them. Each block holds their own function, but works as a whole with collectiveness.
It is constructed by reinforced concrete and timber structure and the surface is covered with wood and natural stone.
All construction was process after hundreds of muck-up (from 1:30 to 1:1 scale) and also lots of tests of material are performed.

Location : Kyongki province, South Korea
Site area : 630m2(430/200)
Building area : 327.32 m2 (Main building:261.78 m2, Attached Building:65.54 m2)
Total floor area : 245.98 m2(180.44/65.54)
Number of floors    : 1 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground
Structure : Reinforced concrete structure & Timber structure
Material     : colored concrete,  wood(yew tree, red pine), stone(granite, mountain rock)
Position : Project Manager
Business in charge : planning, administration, management of construction