Renault Samsung Motors Headquater

르노삼성 본사

* Work at David Pierre Jalicon & Partners

This is the Headquter building of Renault Samsung Moters in the Gasan digital industry complex of Seoul.
The building is composed of two parts accoring to the program and contains service center, maintenace plant and offices for RSM. First floor is for the service center, 2-4F is for the maintenace plant and the lower part is designed as big open space with wide span. 5th-13th floor is designed as a simple square shape mass. 5th floor contains the supprting facility like restaurant and health center, 6-13F is for the office. Roof garden is planned on 5th,13th floor and it functions as a recreation space for the employees.
The facade is designed with 3elements; glass curtainwall, striped canopy and huge arch and it makes the builing as the landmark of this area.

Location : Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Site area : 4,877.00m²
Building area : 2,921.23m²
Total floor area : 32,589.80m²
Number of floors : 13 floors above ground 3 floors below ground
Structure : Reinforced concrete structure, steel structure
Material : Marble stone, glass curtain wall, panaflex
Position : Manager
Business in charge : Plan, documentation, management