Oman embassy

오만 대사관

* Work at David Pierre Jalicon & Partners

This is the embassy building of Oman which locates in Seoul, South Korea and it is very significant project as a symbol and the center of communication between the two country.
Oman is one of the country in East Asia which has arab culture and we try hard to respect their culture and tradition and reflect them to the design.
Currently, the exiting site is very closely located to the neighborhood; it is hard to organize the space, therefore, we designed the air circulating zone as buffer space with neighborhood.

Also, a strip organization was planned for the embassy concerning the light. We want to design the Embassy as a living body with fine view, using the Oman traditional identical signs and landscaping.

Location : Sinmunno 1-ga, Jong-no-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Site area : 793.40m²
Building area : 394.46m²
Total floor area : 3,473.15m²
Number of floors : 5 floors above ground 3 floors below ground
Structure : Reinforced concrete structure
Material : Marble stone, glass curtain wall
Position : Manager
Business in charge : Suppervision of the construction