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Paju book city is a city planned by architects for about 300 publishing companies. The building is urban island type with green corridor which connects the mountain and the river nearby.

According to regulation, the building is divided into two volumes and connected with a bridge at second floor.

Considering the relationship with the other buildings, the inner mass which functions as a studio is planned lower, but have left a possibility for extension.
The space and openings of the building are designed delicately to be able to see the landscape of the river and the mountain and the main programs are poster gallery, office and multi-functional hall.
The structures are reinforced concrete and steel structure, the main materials are exposed concrete and wood.

Location                   : Paju book city, Kyongki province, South Korea
Completion date      : May, 2006
Site area                  : 905.60m²
Building area           : 427.36m²
Total floor area         : 920.91 m²
Number of floors      : 4 floors above ground
Structure                  : Reinforced concrete structure
Material                    : exposed concrete, wood
Position                    : Project Manager
Business in charge  : planning, administration,  management of construction

*Work at Josungyoung Architects Office