*Work at Josungyoung Architects Office

This is an international competition for a temple complex. Haein temple is the most important temple in South Korea and it needs a new complex to hold increasing visitors and the changed program in the new era. The requested program includes new temple, conference hall, residence and mix-used (retail, restaurant and other services).
The site area is not far away from the old temple and it is surrounded by forest and a steam. We try to do minimum intervention to protect the nature there, so use the existing level of the site and designed the building into small pieces with a strong relation with the traditional open space called Madang and the separated pieces work as a whole in the end. In this approach it obtained individuality and collectiveness at the same time.
The low masses make a beautiful roofscape and make a harmony with surrounding nature. All the materials applied are mostly natural ones like stone, wood and soil and they will be faded out as time goes by.

Location : Hapcheon, Kyongsang province, South Korea
Site area :
Building area :
Total floor area : 7619.00 m²
Number of floors : 2 floors above the ground 1 floor under the ground
Structure : Reinforced concrete structure, Steel structure
Material : stone, metal, wood, exposed concrete, soil
Position : Team member
Business in charge : planning, drawing, modeling